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Commercial Shrub Hedge Pruning | Landscaping Services Company | Crede Lawn & Landscaping Scott Depot WV

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Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Shrub & Hedge Pruning

A dying branch can be an entry point for insects or diseases which can then spread to other parts of the shrub or hedge. To keep shrubs and hedges in your landscaping looking their best while maintaining their health, shrub and hedge pruning is necessary. The bottom line is pruning needs to be a part of regular maintenance though proper techniques and procedures need to be followed. These pruning services require the proper training, tools, and an eye for what needs to be done. This is why it’s something best done by trained professionals to ensure your landscape remains healthy for years to come.

Crede Lawn & Landscaping has been pruning shrubs and hedges throughout Charleston WV, Teays Valley WV, Huntington WV, and the surrounding communities for years. Our professionally trained shrub and hedge pruners follow the ANSI guidelines set forth by the TCIA. Our shrub and hedge pruning services include specialty pruning and shrub pruning, which some tree companies in the area do not offer. We also have landscape and lawn maintenance packages as well as a lawn fertilization, insect, and weed control program to keep everything looking wonderful all year round.

Types of Shrub & Hedge Pruning We Offer

Detail Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Detail pruning is recommended for high value shrubs and hedges that are the focus of your landscaping. Detail pruning is our highest quality pruning that brings out the unique aesthetic characteristics of you shrubs and hedges while maintaining its structural integrity to nurture its overall health.

Containment Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Containment pruning is what it sounds like. This involves removing branches that are obstructing sidewalks or encroachments on roads, buildings or other plants.

Structural Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Structural pruning is done on young shrubs and hedges to assist in developing good structural form so they grow healthy and strong. When structural pruning is performed properly, it may result in a reduction in the need for future maintenance so pruning may not need to be done as often.

The landscape experts at Crede Lawn & Landscaping can help you manicure your commercial landscape at every step of the process. From design, to preparation, to execution, the professional team at Crede Lawn & Landscaping have the skills to make your landscaping a functional and aesthetic success. Contact Crede Lawn & Landscaping today by calling 304-757-2567 to learn more, or Schedule a FREE Estimate.


Crede Lawn & Landscaping offers quality commercial or residential services for all of your landscaping, hardscaping, lawn maintenance, irrigation, and seasonal needs for Charleston WV, Teays Valley WV, Huntington WV, and the surrounding communities.


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