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Weed Control

Weed Control

Weeds can spoil your property's exterior and make your commercial landscaping look neglected. Unfortunately, the days of paying a neighborhood kid a few bucks to pull weeds from your landscaping is long gone. You don’t have to spend all weekend pulling weeds. Hand pulling weeds out of your landscaping is practical but only in small spaces, and you have to get the whole root out and in a bag. If any part of the weed is left behind, the weed will grow back. Don't struggle with weeds on your own when a professional landscaping weed control team can help.

Crede Lawn & Landscaping will take care of any landscaping in Charleston WV, Teays Valley WV, Huntington WV, and the surrounding communities with our landscaping weed control services and ensure those pesky weeds stay gone for good. We pride ourselves on excellent service and reasonable commercial weed control rates. And our courteous lawn care and landscaping professionals will go the extra mile so that you come away satisfied with our service. It is also imperative that you provide regular fertilization to new spots of lawn, flower beds, and landscaping, which Crede Lawn & Landscaping’s lawn care and landscaping expert can help with.

The landscape experts at Crede Lawn & Landscaping can help you manicure your commercial landscape at every step of the process. From design, to preparation, to execution, the professional team at Crede Lawn & Landscaping have the skills to make your landscaping a functional and aesthetic success. Contact Crede Lawn & Landscaping today by calling 304-757-2567 to learn more, or Schedule a FREE Estimate.


Crede Lawn & Landscaping offers quality commercial or residential services for all of your landscaping, hardscaping, lawn maintenance, irrigation, and seasonal needs for Charleston WV, Teays Valley WV, Huntington WV, and the surrounding communities.


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